The fact that an original project submitted by different people, different companies and different universities gets plagiarized is quite another situation. But since writing a good article, you must follow certain rules and guidelines, some of the essential rules are to be avoid repetition, originality and how you can organize your thoughts, ideas and data.

Annotated bibliography is usually used in academic documents or articles, in the same way that it’s used by journalists and other writers. So what are some requirements for the best annotated bibliography for your project. To use annotated bibliography, you must be able to summarize, one of the most important parts of your assignment and make it more attractive by making the information relevant and useful for your reader. This means that you must make them understand and able to find more information about your research project. It’s not that easy for students because different classes have different requirements of how annotated bibliography are written, you must understand the requirements of your writing as many teachers advise you, and in the same way, professional writing companies have the same guidelines. So if you find a difficult writing yourself, just make a comparison with annotated bibliography from professional sources. And why? Because some of them must include the author, who’s work was plagiarized. They must show the format of the originality of the research project, so you must remember this when you are writing your work or editor your article. Another reason why annotated bibliography must include authors, is that this is the only resource that you can find data about actual research project and other authors, so just make it easy for other people to use your annotations as a reference, or only to compare, or one can find them for free. Besides, using an annotated bibliography for your article is very useful, because you can use information from other authors and improve the research result by your writing. So if you want to have a high quality research project, make the best use of this resource by using the latest information and make them unique. The main difference with regular bibliography, which you can find in your coursework or other source, is that the authors of annotated bibliography always have a personal information, so it can be their name and official title. So you can find the most highly qualified authors with the same reputation in the abstract section. In a special information, which you just want to add to the middle of a page, you need to make the authors names by their last initials. The authors of annotated bibliography can be real or fictional, but actual person must to have a research project or something that you are doing. In general, annotated bibliography works better when there a lot of writers with the same reputation in the abstract and most popular annotated bibliography, because by now, not many scientific research projects is unique and thematic. Only the difficult authors can manage with this kind of writing, because it’s not easy to come up with different idea, or maybe to join several companies and universities where you working, or take part in an international conference where you can do it with unique ideas.

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