Top Tips for Writing an APA Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography in APA Format

You can use APA paper format for any paper if you cite all the sources in an annotated bibliography. This is mainly done to increase your credibility as a writer. When you do your best in creating the annotation, it shows that you are on the right track, making it easier for your audience to trust your work.

APA Annotations

Not every writer will consistently apply the citation style, so ensure you tailor your articles towards the expected readers. However, there are particular factors to consider when writing the annotation. Here is a guide to help you out.

Title of the Work

It must be written in APA, or any other citation format. If not clear enough in your title, the reader can assume it’s plagiarized material. It’s a guarantee that no one will take your work seriously. It would be best if you changed your title to something relevant to the work you are writing. You can do that by including the title of the course being annotated and the title of the article in your work.

The Title Page

It has the names of all the people or names of those you consulted for the work. You can add initials to these people. Other example titles you can use include:

  1. Associates or Friends
  2. Teachers
  3. Human Resources
  4. Instructors
  5. Funding grant
  6. Institutional funding
  7. Administrative approval

Organization of your Writings

Always refer to your publications as follows:

  1. Library of authors: Choose names that appear in the list of research authors. They include:
  2. Name of library
  3. Name of owner of the library
  4. Name of bank
  5. Depository bank or other lender
  6. Work’s name
  7. The title

You can then continue to add the names of all your co-authors or their names, and then list the works done by each person. It will be advisable to go with those you have consulted for the work. In case you are unsure, opt to ask your supervisor for a guidance.

Date of Publication

Sometimes a writer might choose to insert their dates of publication in the annotation. This way, it becomes easier for someone to put the dates in your work and find other references in your works. However, this is a general rule that applies to most writers, making it harder for them to prevent such cases.

References in your Work

It is simple to cite every other work that has been done by you in the career field. It would be best if you ensured that a trustworthy source adhered to in your studies can confirm that your references are in good standing. So ensure you go to a website and fill in the required details of the relevant company. These details will be stored until you are done with your work. It’s never a bad idea to go through the recommendations from your tutors to be sure your work is complete.

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